Carolynn Shorthouse : Prep Manager


Carolynn was 13 years old when she started her journey into the restaurant world with her first job as a salad girl in a very well-known restaurant in Port called Murphy’s. After a few years of kitchen work and bussing tables, she moved next door to the Lakeside Hotel where they took Carolynn under their wing and kept her very busy waitressing, running a very busy kitchen and working many catering functions. Coming from a large Italian family, all this came very naturally to Carolynn!


Carolynn was very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom and that kept her very busy. Everyone loved coming to Momma’s house as there was always something special to eat.   No one ever left hungry or without a little sweet treat.  When Carolynn ventured back into the restaurant world, she ran a breakfast café for 11 years.  Carolynn found her way to Lake House Restaurant three years ago and she maintains that it was the best path she has ever taken and the most wonderful work family to be a part of. Carolynn is a ‘people person’ and she loves working together to create a beautiful meal for beautiful people and beautiful memories!  Carolyn is our Prep Supervisor and she makes sure that every dish on the Lake House menu is made with care and love.  Only the best of ingredients are used at Lake House and Carolyn makes sure that it all comes together.