Erin has a passion for teaching and leading others, stemming from her early years helping her mother run a daycare at home. Erin’s ability to lead has progressed throughout the years as she worked as an Advanced Swim Instructor, Lifeguard and Aquatics Coach. She continued to develop her leadership skills through her involvement in intermural sports.  It is these skills that helped to develop Erin as a restaurant manager.  She has very strong organizational skills and she loves to learn.


As an Alberta native, Erin ventured to St. Catharines in 2008. Upon arrival, Erin soon discovered that she would call St. Catharines her forever home.  She fell in love with the Niagara region and everything that it has to offer.


Erin first joined the Lake House family in 2010 as a part time server. She was quickly promoted to a supervisory position. Erin continued to grow within the restaurant, ultimately leading to her position as General Manager.   Erin has a strong operations background and she brings a wealth of expertise with her.  Erin has always believed that hospitality is king and she emulates passion in everything she does.   Erin is celebrating 11 years of service at Lake House and she is a pivotal part of the Lake House family.