A little history about Lake House


Jacob Honsberger Moyer bought this farm property in 1860 and built this house in 1867.  On this site, Moyer constructed a large wharf and warehouse to store and ship farmers’ grain from this area.  It became a very busy spot with docked schooners and long lines of farm wagons waiting to unload.  When those vessels sailed off, the cargo aboard them represented some of the earliest agricultural exports from this area and provided farmers with funds to improve homesteads and to expand to other crops.


It became Lake House Restaurant in 2002 when the current owners took over.  All of the original brick and beams have been preserved to keep the integrity of the house.  There have been many additions throughout the years including our beautiful Sun Room and patio showcasing the breathtaking view of Lake Ontario.


Previous name to the house include “Plain and Fancy” and “Admiral Birds”.  2021 marks the 19th anniversary for Lake House.  We love our location in the Niagara Wine region and are proud to feature many local wineries.


Thank you to our loyal customers for your continued patronage!