MarijaBorn and raised in St. Catharines, in the same house, Marija has very deep roots in the Niagara region. Her family continues to live in the area. Marija was involved in Rhythmic Gymnastics for many years which taught her hard work, dedication and most importantly, patience. Marija has travelled extensively as a result of her involvement with competitive gymnastics. This has shaped her love of the arts, culture and nature. Marija’s mother passed away when she was young but rather than hold her back, it taught her to be a strong and independent woman. This major occurrence in her life helped to shape her entire identity. “I try to be kind and compassionate in everything I do. I am also very strong willed and driven”, says Wight.


Marija started her journey in the restaurant industry working as a server and a bartender in various restaurants for about 6 years before being hired at Lake House Restaurant in April 2005. Marija was originally hired as a server/bartender at Lake House and she was quickly promoted to a manager. Her passion and dedication were very evident to owners Hanne and Joseph. “We could see Marija’s dedication and attention to detail so we did not hesitate to promote her to Supervisor, then Manager, then Assistant General Manager and finally General Manager”, Joseph says.


Marija is celebrating her 12th anniversary at Lake House this year!


Marija is happy to lead a team of individuals that collectively strives for greatness on a daily basis.


“Working in an environment with a team who share the same dedication and passions I aim for has been great. Mitch, our Executive Chef, is extremely talented and creative and I have enjoyed working with him over the years” says Wight.


Lake House offers guests the opportunity to relax and dine by the water, or enjoy a meal by a fireplace. It has become an institution in the Niagara region and Marija’s contribution to its success continues.