Kate Lee – Chef de Partie – Garde Manger


Kate was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to St.Catharines in 2014.
She has always had an adventurous streak in her wanting to gain new experiences whenever possible. Coming to Canada and immersing herself in a completely different culture with a different language was just one of these challenges.


Kate first attended Niagara College and participated in the Horticultural Technician Co-op Diploma Program from 2015 to 2017. The environment and natural scenery in Canada impacted her greatly when she arrived here eight years ago, so she wanted to learn more about the environment as it related to horticulture.


Amongst her first work experiences in Canada was working as a sushi cook while she attended school. She learned the professional skills of sushi-making and serving diverse kinds of sushi, following recipes and presentation specifications. Kate then moved on to working with Chef Collin at Gooddine Catering where she was able to experience cooking from a different perspective. Kate was able to cater everything from small home parties to banquets of up to 400 people in a variety of beautiful settings including many of Niagara’s wineries.


Kate’s culinary experience convinced her that this was the field that she would love to pursue. She wanted to expand her knowledge and skills in culinary, so she decided to go into the Culinary Apprenticeship Program to learn more. Kate attended Niagara College from 2020-2021, completing the two-year course.


Kate joined the Lake House team in 2020 as a pantry cook and she was quickly promoted to Chef de Partie of the Garde section of our kitchen. Kate’s dedication to excellence and her attention to detail is unparalleled. She has a very strong work ethic and is an amazing addition to our team.