Gagan Singh

Position: Chef de Cuisine
Categories: In the kitchen

Gagan’s passion for cooking started when he was young as he spent most of his time in the kitchen with his mother. He was fascinated with food and learned about different flavours and using various spices during that period of his childhood. He was inspired by how food could tell a story and bring people of different cultures together.

When Gagan came to Canada in 2016, he was determined to pursue his passion of cooking and to make it into his profession. While completing his post grad degree, he joined La Cantina as a Pizza Station Cook and later on moved up through the kitchen ranks. Gagan was trained under great French and Italian chefs giving him the advantage of learning and understanding different cuisines.

After Gagan joined the Lake House family in 2019, he started as a Line Cook and with time he specialized in working the grill cooking steaks and various types of seafood. He has always been curious about trying different cuisines and he has enjoyed the Mediterranean cuisine offered at Lake House. With his determination and hard work, Gagan has recently been promoted to the position of Chef de Cuisine.

Apart from his interest in cooking, Gagan has a great passion for fitness which has led him to Strongman training and competitions. Gagan has participated in various events including competing at the National Strongman competition in 2021.